Monday Spiritual Rumination: the longest day…

This day has been a week. I finally figured out why—today is the longest day of the year…Ok, ok, I know better than that but truly, the day felt long to me. Not bad, not sad, just long.

So as this long day journeys into the night time, and the strawberry moon brightens the landscape while the remains of the setting sun vie for my attention, I am in the mood to ponder summer:

Ten things I love about summer in Wisconsin:

  1. Trips to Door county
  2. Frozen custard
  3. Tomatoes fresh picked from our garden
  4. Freshly hung laundry
  5. Festivals, fireworks, baseball games
  6. Iced tea on the patio
  7. Deer sightings in the back yard
  8. Sun dresses and sandals
  9. Pedicures
  10. Family gatherings with our children, grand ones, Mom’s, siblings and family friends

These events are in no particular order as all of them are great! We pack them into the summer weekends because the actual summertime is so very short (or so it seems).

Now, I shall embrace the solstice, take in the moon’s glow, and say goodnight…

August sun 2 (2)





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