Monday Spiritual Rumination: hangin’ with the kids…

As I write this little blurb tonight, I am sitting in my living room, computer on my lap, flanked by my husband on the right and my third child, David, on my left. We have enjoyed a cookout and a stroll with the grand-girl [Miss Mallie] and now we are just [excuse my 60’s lingo] mellowing out….

His is the first visit of many to take place over these next few days as the children all come home to roost. We are celebrating a “60/60” birthday party next weekend and all will be home to party on.

This gathering is the summer version of Christmas—lots of food, fun and family. Some of our sibs will be on hand as well as a few close friends and of course, our Moms.

The grand-ones will be a source of joy and delight during this time and I will be sure to bestow ardent hugs upon our kiddos and their spouses and partners.

How rich we are with love and joy! Hangin’ with the kids, laughing at everyone’s most recent faux pas, giggling over past family nonsense, hashing out politics and religion, eating and drinking, and simply enjoying the gift of each other.

Life is good.

We are blessed.








  1. Enjoy every minute – those times don’t come often enough !!!! I can’t wait to see my grandchildren and greats!! Yes, Nancie, you are blessed, and so am I!!

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