Wondrous Wednesdays: through the eyes of a child…

Last week, we had the great joy of caring for our grandsons. Now, any grandparent worth their salt needs to have an arsenal of supplies for such an adventure! Included in our tool kit:

  • Pads of drawing paper
  • Fresh boxes of crayons
  • Bubbles
  • Balls
  • Swimming pool in the summer
  • Card games—especially “Go Fish”
  • Matchbox cars
  • Transformers
  • DVD’s of Paw Patrol and Wild Kratts
  • Sidewalk chalk

This last item is especially needed for outdoor creative time. The boys devoured the chalk and did not disappoint this Granny in terms of creative inventions!

The artwork was exquisite 🙂

The greatest aspect of this chalk-work was the unending wellspring of ideas and imagination and story-telling. These are qualities to nurture and hold on to for a life time…for all of us!

Go color something, ok??

chalk 1chalk 2chalk 3





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