Feathering Fridays…boutique blahs

While on vacation recently, I took time to explore the boutiques of the region. In and out of shops, I came away with an exasperation. Why would I spend money on any of the clothing offered in these places?

So, what am I speaking of here?

I am referring to over-priced, greatly unwearable for more than one season and soon to be sent to Good Will clothing.

Yes. The boutique mentality in vacation burgs offers the traveler an ambiance of the locale, large-print, poorly cut garments with a high price tag designed to lure the buyer into a mentality that they have bought into something fabulous.

Let me extend this same thinking to many gift shops as well.

Okay, okay—not every boutique is this bad, but in my travels, the template is repeated over and over.

And here’s the deal—people fall for it.

Maybe that is the definition of boutique—highly specialized of the moment garments.

I just cannot buy into it.

The redemption of these spots is often in the little things—the accessories. I do find that of the moment jewelry, bags and scarves can be worth the purchase. That said, I found nothing worth the price tag that fit my bill on this past vacation.

Hmmm…maybe there is a future business plan here!

So, how do you approach boutiques? Do share.

. sister bay


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