Feathering Fridays…a side of Fryes

I have my Fall 2016 wish list together:

  • Wine tone pumps—got my eye on a stunning Lauren pair at Boston Store
  • Replacement black pumps—not sure but perhaps Nine West
  • A deep wine lipstick—too many to choose from yet
  • Some type of wine tone accessory—the big question!
  • Black trousers—already done with a crazy Loft sale!
  • Black jacket—done with a crazier Ann Taylor sale!!
  • A new Trench cost—hmmm…TBA
  • A pair of Frye boots—and this is the real prize as I scored a pair for half price on Amazon. 2 inch heel, generous calf room, and a fabulous tone of slate leather.

If you are reading carefully, you will note the overall theme is wine tone. This is my nod (and embracing hug) of the mid seventies—a time of my life when I came into an appreciation of and a start of my own style. Wine will work well (oh, the alliteration!) with my teal, taupe, chocolate browns, cream, black and wine.

It is a match made in my little closet heaven.

What have you got your eye on for Autumn?













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