Feathering Fridays…spice and vice

A little bit of spice in one’s life is a good thing. So, desiring spice, I went seeking Vice.

Before you get too excited, the Vice to which I refer is Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick collection!

In my research of this intriguing lip product, I discovered that Urban Decay offers an official Vice  app.  I gave in to the temptation and downloaded the free Vice app.

[If you listen carefully, you might hear my husband in the background, a bit stunned, saying, “did you download a vice thing for the phones?” To which I calmly answered, “Don’t worry, it’s a lipstick thing…”]

I entertained myself for a good 30 minutes with this app. You can opt for two choices—explore the complete 100 shade collection, or experiment with said collection.

The first time I played with the app, I went conservative and explored the collection. Such fun! I could check out the colors by shade family or by finish. The real find, however, was that I could try on the product in real time! What a discovery! I clicked and picked and stumbled upon a number of tones that I found very flattering…and a whole lot of colors that were abhorrent!

After a few tries, I decided to opt for the experiment portion of the app. In this scenario, you take a quick photo and then the shades appear one by one on the photo, resulting in a baseball card look!

My initial experiment caught me in a rotten physical state—read, very old and ancient crone-ish looking. Today, however, I just had my hair cut and colored and was sporting a bit of cosmetic wonder so I gave it another try.

I’m pleased with the results and am sharing my favorite color choice—Seismic—with you.

By the way—seismic is the tone I went to as a favorite choice each time I played the Vice game.

Maybe I should join the Vice squad?


vice seismic pic.jpg








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