Feathering Fridays: Sunday edition–dangling

I have a friend who would love to get a large travel bus and ride across the country to promote earrings for all women. Not just, a-little-plastic-stud-in-the-earlobe-earring. No. Full out, danglers that say, “Wow! Look at me rock these babies! I am a beautiful woman!”

I’d love to join her. What fun! Can you imagine how we could lift the spirits of a woman who is feeling less than beautiful, less than worthy, or just plain, having a tough day?

Can you imagine the joy and power a woman who has been abused and abased, made to feel less than whole, would feel? Those dangling bits of whimsy would send her into the realm of delight!

Your challenge for the week:

Buy a pair of danglers to give away

Make a pair

Wear a set of gloriously tingly dangly earrings!

Remember: #realbeautyeverywoman


Have a great week!



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