Wondrous Wednesdays: towel #2 in process…

Towel #1—the wine beauty– is done! Towel #2 is on its heels.

This version is in an 8/2 ivory cotton. It amazes me how different the pattern appears in the ivory!

To answer a few questions from my previous post—I found the pattern in a Handwoven Magazine [March/April 2015, issue 174, pages 38-40.]  The design was inspired by Indian textiles. I chose to adapt this pattern to accommodate 5 colors instead of 7. I also reworked the yardage to weave 5 towels instead of 6.

It took me a about a third of the weaving of towel #1 to get the rhythm of my weaving set. Thus, my selvages are now even and lovely!

More towel advances next week.

Have a wondrous Wednesday!

towel 2.jpg


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