Wondrous Wednesdays: The Tale of the Towels…

The towels are off the loom! Tomorrow I will zigzag the raw ends, wash, press, cut apart and hemstitch—more or less in that order.

Overall, I am quite pleased:

  • I kept the selvages fairly consistent. I notice that the right edge is generally more even than the left. I need to work on this situation on the future.
  • No broken threads!
  • My beat was even.
  • The color palette and pattern were well matched.

Things to work on:

  • My warp calculation was off. I could have used another 12 inches. Two of the towels were shorter due to my miscalculation. That said, they look fine.
  • I need to invest in a thin boat shuttle—the end warp shed was so very narrow that I struggled with moving the shuttle through it.

I really enjoyed this project! Next week, I’ll post some glamour shots of the towel set…

Have a wondrous creative Wednesday!

towels off loom.jpg



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