Monday Spiritual Rumination: A prayer of gratitude…

It is Thanksgiving week, a time to reflect on gratitude. And, so I shall….

Generous God, Lover of us ALL, creating, redeeming and sanctifying community of goodness and grace,

How might I say thank you?

You provide for me in a way that is just a mystery.

Why? What kind of love is this?

So many are without and I have more than enough.

Ah yes.

You are smiling at me. I can feel it!

The ones with more need to give to those without.

There will always be enough for everyone, like the loaves and fish that fed the crowds, if I can allow myself the capacity to trust you, to let go.

I am grateful for this insight. I am challenged by this mandate of sharing and giving. I am wanting and needing to see the time when we shall all stand around the fire and no one will be left out and all will be full and all will love.

This is the Thanksgiving I desire.

Until then, help me to do my best to give and share and love like you.


cranbread 4


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