Monday Spiritual Rumination: Advent…

It has begun, the season of waiting, awareness, making ready.

In the Christian tradition, this is Advent.


I love this season. The memories are thick with joy.

In my childhood, the four candles of the Advent wreath could not be lit fast enough.

My adulthood wants to slow it all down.


I savor the darker shorter days,

The ride into dawn and the travel back into the dusk.

I cocoon into the night.


The neighbors have things well decorated, highly lit, too much flash in some cases.

My Tom has just set up the candles for our windows,

Beacons of welcome for all who bring us Christ.


The first candle burns shyly.

Isaiah accompanies us on our journey.

And always, I must ask the question, where will Christ come?


I hope, strive, pray to live in the

God with us-ness as well as the God to come-ness

Of this time.


I will sit in quiet

Counter cultural to the crazy pace outside my doors.

I will also accompany that pace, but as a bearer of Peace.


And so I shall sing

Amidst the celebration and the glory of this time

O Come O Come Emmanuel.


Welcome Advent.

Welcome waiting.

Welcome Love.


God is with us.








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