Feathering Fridays: with a side of wondrous and ruminations…

December and the holidays is a busy time of year for so many people! I have been “elf-ing” and shoveling snow, baking and creating. In that spirit of preparation, I offer a few December thoughts and then I will be signing off until the New Year!

  1. I’ve been jazzed about creating a necklace for my Christmas Ensemble. I’m not quite finished but hope to complete this piece by Sunday evening:

christmas jewelry 2.jpg

What is needed yet—the cabochon must be edged and attached; the fringe piece needs engineering; closure to be applied.

2. A lovely Bobbie Brown Palette will complete this outfit:

bb holiday.jpg

3. Tomorrow, December 17, begins the prayers of the “O” Antiphons. You might recognize them in the lovely and ancient tune, O Come, O Come Emmanuel.  This prayer speaks to the hopes of all people in all times and places. What a graceful and grace-filled way to enter into the final week before Christmas!



And finally,
May your hearts be warmed by the love of the Divine,
May your souls be strengthened in hope as we wait.
and May this season, however you name it or celebrate it, be a time of rest, reflection and joy.


Blessings to all!




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