Spiritual Ruminations: retreating…

I spent this past weekend retreating.
Not hiding. Not ducking out of site.
No, I retreated.
Refrained from social media.

For 3 days.

I retreated with 21 other wonderful women.

Together, we emptied ourselves of the day to day responsibilities of life and simply talked with each other. Listened to each other. Waited in silence. Prayed. Sang. Ate. Walked. Made art.

We waited and attended to our waiting.

In our attending, we were free to listen to our deepest selves.

In that depth, resides the voice and presence of God.

For myself, I can say that this was the first time in quite awhile that I allowed myself to wait and to attend to the stillness. This was pure gift.

In my quiet time, I engaged the hurts done by characters who have entered my life story.

The silence, and my willingness to attend to it, allowed me to let the pain of these encounters fully rise up. I combatted them, spoke to them, forgave some of them.

[I’ve more work to do]

The point is this: if one does not retreat from time to time and allow stillness and silence, how does one ever let the stuff of the past resolve? How can we ever hear the voice of the Divine well up? How will we ever know what is important, what makes sense? For that matter, without the time away, how can we even know the questions?

Today, I feel refreshed, lightened, heartened.

I shall persevere in attending…



  1. Such wisdom here, Nancie! I love what your time of stillness and retreating has revealed to you. It certainly pays to make space in our days for the whispers of the Divine. And we benefit even more if we unplug for a longer period. Bless you, friend. xo

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