Feathering Fridays: a sentimental journey, of sorts… 

The other evening, I was watching some “Gilmore Girls” re-runs. This particular episode featured a conversation about a young teen girl’s birthday party. Lorelei and Sookie began to reminisce on Bonnie Bell lip smackers. Instantly, I transported to a day in early August of 1976. My sister and I were school supply shopping and stopped in J.C. Penney’s for something or another. We came upon a Bonnie Bell consulting opportunity. I sat in the makeover chair and received a set of firsts: my first skin care consult, my first “Oh my God, you don’t use any moisturizer???” reprimand, and my very first gift with a purchase! My sis and I each walked away with a little tin bucket filled with Bonnie Bell supplies, including the infamous lip smacker. I felt so College, so grown up, so woman…

I’ve often wondered what happened to that product. It took me through college, and opened the skin care, cosmetic road for me!

Feeling sentimental from this BB engagement, I wandered the shoe department at Boston Store, seeking a particular ethnic heeled sandal for the upcoming warm season. I happened upon a shoe that rode me back in time to age 10. My long straggles of locks had just been cut with a razor and styled into a bob of sorts. This was a huge “big girl” moment for me! Then Mom took me to get a pair of shoes for Easter, to go with a pretty allover floral dress I’d received as a gift. I remember the dress as a tent style with long full sleeves gathered into a white sateen cuff. A white matching stand-up collar finished the design. The print was colorful in reds, yellows, blues and greens on a dark background. What to put with such a dress? We both fell in love with a powder blue and white patent leather pump with a square toe, a flat white patent bow and—and this was the biggest selling point—a 1” block heel in white!!! Oh my, my! I was in heaven! I felt so grown up and beautiful!

As I broke out of my happy reverie, I became aware of the many different styles and cuts that hearken back to my childhood and teen years. I guess I’ve lived long enough for the re-trends. I’m also smart enough to embrace what still works from those days and I know what to turn from…and run, fast!

Enjoy your own trip down fashion memory lane!

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint [picture inspiration c/o Google Images, free download; my repainting]



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I am a fabric artist and a professional minister in the Catholic Church. I am married for 40+ years to a most fabulous man. We have 4 adult children, 2 daughter-in-laws ( who we also consider to our children!) and 4 grandbabies. I love to weave, paint silk, sew and design garments for myself; bead, read, write and color. I am also a spiritual Companion/Director and have a special place in my soul for women who are healing and in need of healing from trauma and abuse. I love coffee, quiet reflective prayer time at my kitchen table and long walks to breathe in the Holy Spirit. I would like to learn how to spin yarn and will someday create a spun, hand dyed/painted, beaded, woven fabulous garment of peace!

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