Spiritual Ruminations: 10 thing…

It’s list time! Ten things I love about early June in Wisconsin:

  1. Warm days and pleasantly cool and non-humid evenings
  2. Clear deep blue evening skies that are the perfect canvas for summer stars
  3. Fresh greens…everywhere!
  4. Begonias that elevate our yard to perfection status, which leads to #5:
  5. Enjoying the begonias, petunias and geraniums before they become a gourmet feast for those darn chipmunks!
  6. The aroma of barbecued everything, everyday of the week, but especially Sunday
  7. Becoming reacquainted with grass, asphalt and concrete under my bare feet
  8. A plethora of fresh fruit and veggies
  9. Daily trips to the garden to catch the first sprout of seeds
  10. Sleeveless shirts and dresses

These are in no particular order, but they float my boat!

What do you love about early summer in your neck of the woods?



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