Spiritual Ruminations: summer memory…

Summer is not really my favorite season but this past winter, and our poor excuse of a Spring, has renewed my appreciation for this time of year.

The birds sing and argue and chortle with such passion!

The air is fragrant with the new cutting of lawns and summer greenery.

And of course, the barbecue aromas pique my culinary interest.

I think all together, these sensory delights take me back into my little kid years. Those days were filled with fun, swimming, popsicles, popcorn, sitting around and pretending, coloring, making up games, bike riding, library books, playground programs, lanyard, Girl Scout camp, family vacations, cook outs, sleepovers with my best friend across the street…

My absolute favorite joy of summer, however, was playing outside after dinner and after dark. I would watch the stars come out, put my head back and try to guess if I was looking at a planet or a star.  It was simply the best!

Then, on really hot and humid evenings, my folks would load us up in the station wagon and we would go for a ride to cool down. Inevitably, two things would happen:

We would sing, especially multiple choruses of Edelweiss; and we would stop at a popcorn cart for some refreshment. A couple bags for the seven of us would do just fine.

Thinking about it, summer is pretty great, even though I’m an adult now. I still find myself enjoying the taste of grilled burgers and corn; the freshness of garden vegetables; long lit days, and vacation time bliss.

And my favorite part? Throwing back my head to watch the stars and planets pop…

Blessings on your summertime.
august moon



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