Spiritual Ruminations: crossing the threshold…

Tomorrow, June 20, is the day.

The day I cross the threshold.

The threshold I have been sitting, waiting, praying, discerning in for an entire year.

Maybe longer.


Tomorrow I enter a new phase of ministry.

That sounds so…blasé. It is really a life changer, game changer.

Tomorrow, I take the reins of parish leadership.


I do this in concert with an entire community.

WE do this ministry.

WE are the Church!


Yet, the buck needs to stop someplace.

That destination is my desk.


I know I have the support, prayer and blessing of the parish and of my coworkers and family.

I also know the love, companionship and affirmation of my husband and life partner, Tom.


The challenge before me?

To remember that I serve.

To live out of deep compassion and mercy.

To remain grounded in prayer.


And so I pray tonight:

Loving God,

Hold me tight,

Use me and guide me for your sake.

Grant me eyes and ears,

A heart and mind,

To know you in all I encounter.

Stir your Spirit of justice within

And grant me the courage

To listen to the wisdom of your people

That we may be your peace and your justice

In this world.

And while you’re at it,

Please hold my hand.

I’m a little bit scared…




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