Spiritual Ruminations: back in the saddle…

After a month off, I have re-entered the blogosphere.

A sabbatical is good for everyone.

So, what is new?

  • We enjoyed a week of fun and games (literally!) with our grand boys
  • I settled into my office, role, and pastoral presence via more meetings than I thought possible, the annual parish festival, multiple funerals, and a large amount of spiritual direction sessions.
  • Our garden yielded supremely large zucchini, delightfully sweet cherry tomatoes, and a variety of green peppers. The beans are a bust.
  • We spent a fabulous week in Sister Bay relaxing, eating a ton of ice cream, reading, puzzling, coloring, enjoying galleries, eating…

In short, I took a deep breath and inhaled God’s bounty.

Oh, and Tom and I began to read the Harry Potter books…

sister bay sunset 4

Back next week with some August thoughts.




  1. Welcome back! What a wonderful time of refreshing it sounds like. I was thinking about you a few days back, wondering how you were, and am glad to know it was good.

    Sorry about all the funerals, though.

    Are you feeling a bit settled in to your office (my gosh, how many meetings were there?!!) now? It seems like you jumped right in and have begun making it your own. 🙂

    Glad you’re back! Shalom.

  2. Welcome back, Nancie! What a fruitful break you have had. It’s always good to spend some quality time with family, enjoying the garden and reading new books. I’m still debating just when to return to blogging. Getting back in the saddle is something that I long to do once enough health, strength and energy are available for me to achieve it! Bless you, friend. ☺ 💜

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