Featherings with a side of ruminations: should I blog or should I sew…

The Prayerful Peacock

I am becoming a great fan of slow fashion.

The problem with it is that—in my life at least—I want to create the fashion, which is a slow process.

It requires a precious commodity—time.

Yikes! Do I blog, or bead, or weave, or sleep, or sew?

[cue up that great tune, “Should I stay or should I go”, for background to this lament]

Yeah, big problem, right?

Actually, it is. I, like many other stitchers, weavers, beaders, crafters and artists, believe that she or he who dies with the most__________ [fill in the blank] wins*. And mine, even with attentive curation, is a big-ly stash. And according to the rules of slow fashion, I should not be hoarding. Anything. Period.


At this point, I am realizing that my puritanical perfectionist instincts must subside. Balance is key.

All this by way of sharing that I bought a pants suit…

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