Featherings: Challenge #2–#ProjectBashTheStash


This next challenge could be great fun! I have named it:
Renaissance Woman

This idea is inspired by the gorgeous brocade fabrics that are abundant in the marketplace and in my stash! Don’t let that textile definition hold you back, however. Think about what Renaissance means to you.

Here are some of my thoughts to help you percolate a bit:

Gold and silver
Rich jewel tones
Faux fur
Arts, science and exploration
Michelangelo, DaVinci, Bernini
Long skirts
Draped trousers
Incredible music

This is only a start! Now, go imagine up a modern day Renaissance woman from your stash. Do share a picture, an illustration, a sketch or a technical drawing of your idea. Please include a description and photo of your textiles. This is a challenge that you might one day fabricate or perhaps, are working on right now! Do post and use the hashtag #ProjectBashTheStash. I am having more luck with this on Pinterest than I am on Instagram. Or simply share as a reply to this post!  Happy creating…




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