Featherings: Challenge #2—The Renaissance Woman

 Digging into my stash, I rediscovered a stunning silk blend brocade yardage. Now, how to use it? The beauty of this piece is that the brocade has two distinct sides. I chose to take advantage of this effect as I began to imagine my project

I have about two yards. Both the brocade and the yardage provide inspiration and also boundaries for me. I immediately think about a short jacket that can travel through three seasons.

 What evolved is an unlined jacket with a large lapel and cuffs that utilize the opposite side of the brocade as a contrast. The body of the jacket will be fit and ends just below the waist. The sleeves are ¾ length, which are perfect for gloves. I did not illustrate the backside but I think that a yoke across the back would accent the fit.  The jacket will be finished with furrier hooks so as to allow the lapels to stand alone—large and in charge.

 Like challenge #1, this design is theoretical. Dreaming it up does encourage me to put it on my winter “to-do” list, however.

brocade 2.jpg

 How about you? Any brocade in your stash? How would you style it?

Go bash that stash…

Next week, we enter the holidays!


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