Featherings: Challenge #3—The Holiday outfit

After a couple of weeks off due to illness, I have returned with the promised Challenge #3—the Holiday Outfit!

To enter into this spirit, consider the following:

·        How do you celebrate the Holidays? Casual? Formal? A bit of each?

·        Where do you celebrate—home, church, galas, the relatives, work parties, restaurants?

·        Where do you live—cold weather rules or tropical dictates? Maybe a moderate temp?

·        Are you velvet, shimmer, satin, fur, or a great wool combo? Layers or sleeveless? Sequins or pearls?            Gold, silver, ruby or black?

·        Pants or skirts? Boots or stilettos? Slides or slippers?

·        Jeans and a “Christmas” sweater or pj’s and a fuzzy robe?

Lots to ponder here folks!

Now, dig into that stash and imagine out your ideal holiday outfit. I will share glimpses of mine next week.






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