Featherings: Challenge #3 result—The Holiday outfit complete!

After a few weeks away from the blog—Christmas preps and celebrations—I’m back with the holiday outfit reveal!

This was not a complete bash the stash project, but it did begin as such.  The original vision was to create a lovely burgundy velvet full skirt and a black lace shirt. I have three yards of the velvet but needed to find either a premade black lace blouse or fabric to create one. Ambitious woman that I am, I began to seek out stretch lace for a simple “T” shirt style top. I found it at Mood (of course!).

I decided on a stretch rochelle lace —it had a lovely texture and opaque quality as well. It needed a bit more pizzazz though. I began to ponder the idea of a gold velvet. Again, Mood to the rescue! A great gold velvet awaited me. I decided to fashion a set of cuffs and a bias neckline for the shirt. An edging came next—a quarter inch black velvet with a fine black organdy ruffle presented as the perfect mediator between lace and gold.

That settled, I realized that this shirt would be enough to construct. I also realized—and this is the stash piece—that I owned a beautiful, flowing pleated gold midi skirt from Ann Taylor.  Aha!! Problem solved and holiday outfit designed!

To boot, I added Nine West black velvet booties West black velvet booties and my point d’esprit stockings (last Christmas). The accessorizing was completed with a multi-pendant gold necklace and some crystal dangly earrings in various gold/bronze hues.

Whenever I complete an outfit, I am painfully aware of all the flaws. In fact, I tend to feel a bit uncomfortable in the outfit, feeling as though I am a walking neon sign that flashes, “Made with homemade hands” as opposed to “stellar creation”.  I realize this is ridiculous, but it still happens. However, I received so many compliments on the outfit that I felt as though I out-sparkled the gold!

Not bad. Not bad at all!


 holiday 2017

On a completely different topic, I intend to post tomorrow on 2017 reflections, and 2018 hopes. Please join me!




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