Featherings: back to the suit…

If you have been following this little blog, you may recall that last Spring, I began a skirt and jacket suit combo formed in a delightful butternut/cream silk textile. I did finish the skirt but the jacket is still awaiting a finish. Summer arrived along with family outings and a new ministry position and, that was that!

So, I am back to the suit.

  • I have a collar that is pad stitched and ready for attachment to the jacket body.
  • The lapel needs a bit of pad stitching but is almost ready for the facing.
  • Jacket body lining is assembled and waiting for the edges to be basted.
  • Final details include a little lambs wool in the upper arms eye, button[s] and a button hole or loop

raw silk jacket collar



A new wrinkle [of sorts]

Well, it’s not a wrinkle, but I did purchase a lovely chocolate blended silk woven for a pair of trousers to be constructed from a pattern I already own. I think I have the zipper and buttons as well! You can view the swatch from Mood here:

I do not know how long it will take to accomplish this jacket and trouser combo, but I love the process. That said, I do want to enjoy this suit come March of this year!

What are you currently working on?  Do tell….


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