Featherings: been a while…

You may be wondering where I have been…or not!

Life has been busy these last few months. Nothing terribly remarkable or difficult, just life stuff. I needed to put my energies in some other nests for a bit and take a rest from the blogging. What I discovered is that I really miss blogging!

A month or so ago, I received an email from WordPress trying to entice me out of my free blog into a paid subscription. I hemmed and hawed and finally gave in last Friday. You may have noticed a new look, which, by the way, is a work in progress. I suspect this design to continue to emerge over the next few months.

But I digress. If I pay for a service, I feel highly obligated to use said service. So, I do expect to post once a week, under the heading of Ruminations or Featherings for now. I may opt to reconfigure that element of this blog as well. As I said, a work in progress.

These past few months have brought us a beautiful new granddaughter! No pics, so as to honor the wise wishes of her parents. One cannot be too careful online you know. However, you will see a photo of a blanket in progress for this little pumpkin!

Other featherings—I did finish the suit. I just need to pop on the buttons. Now, a little problem is that I have gained about 10 pounds beginning with November of 2016. A bit of stress eating I am certain! So about that pay for a service thing…I need to reconnect with Weight Watchers and ask the social networking community to hold my feet to the fire. I can carry 10 pounds but my clothing is a bit tight.  That said, my suit skirt is already a tight fit. To wear it I need to shed at least 5 pounds.

I do have some other fabulous fabric care of Mood that you will see take shape over the summer. High on my list is a pair of brown linen/silk blend trousers, a pink and grey floral full skirt and a blue Adonis print A-line dress.

That is all for now friends!

Thanks for staying connected.

Audrey blanket in process


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