Featherings: Royal Ruminations

Everyone is abuzz with the Royal Wedding today! And, why not. There is so much darkness in the news. It is nice to take in a breath of something frivolous for a few minutes.

But really, a few minutes is quite enough. Weddings are expensive but I heard that the reception alone is on the order of 1.5 mil….wow!

For my part, I have interest in only two aspects of this grandeur.

My first and foremost concern and hope is that these two folks will have a committed and loving marriage. It must be quite challenging to have one’s existence in a fishbowl. Harry’s brother and sister-in-law seem to be handling their lives with some prudence. I hope the same for Harry and Meghan. May they grow in love that lasts and stands up to the stuff of life that comes their way!

My second interest is purely aesthetic—THE DRESS!

Meghan looked stunning. Her gown seemed to be crafted with great care. The design was rather 60’s, yet very classic. The veil floated without being ostentatious. Appropriate, beautiful, classy.

My query dear readers, is this: how would you have styled her? I’d love to see some illustrations and/or descriptions!

Do share and we shall ruminate royally together!

Btw—my version TBA as well…



  1. Like you Nancie, I think the bride was close to perfection. Very elegant. I have always loved those necklines and I don’t think they’ll ever date. Someone told me the veil was embroidered with all the flowers of the Commonwealth – so symbolic. I watched the tv coverage of the wedding last night and thought how far the Brits have shifted from the somewhat rigid and stuffy pomp and grandeur to a more relaxed and inclusive ceremony. Just loved the gospel singers and the cello player. The children were so refreshing – so natural, which I think keeps everyone grounded.

  2. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about Meghan’s dress and how it was styled! I LOOOVED how minimal the look was, from her jewelry to her makeup to the lack of trimmings. She wore the dress; it didn’t wear her.

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